About Us

The world today has grown so rapidly. Despite the economic crisis experienced by the nation of Indonesia, on the one hand has made many companies to stop the pace of business. But interestingly, on the other hand it is also opening up many new opportunities in the field of industry and trade.

To that end, we present to you, with more than 10 years of experience handling a wide range of projects ranging from small, medium to large scale, we are constantly learning how to do better over time. We do not want to just do the work assigned to us, more than that, we want to be your partner; building a better relationship over time. Everything we do because we care about the success of your business because your success means our success.

This is us, PT. Ikanindo Mechanical and Electrical Contractor. We are ready to truly become your partner.

Ikanindo History

CV. Ikanindo Mechanical was established in July 1990 in Indonesia as a company engaged in the field of Mechanical and Electrical contractors. In  2005 we changed our name to PT. Ikanindo Rekatama Cipta.

Our company consists of members that have the discipline and experience in the field of Mechanical and Electrical contractors that are formed to be able to maximize our work to our partners.

Our professionalism can be seen from our success in projects from layout design to  its completion, marked by the increasing list of our portfolio.

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We offer the best engineers to make your vision come true.